a love so sweet – a poem.

it’s the 7th time this week
you’ve held her in your arms
while she relearns how to breathe

it’s the 15th time this week
she asks if you’ll really never leave
a gentle kiss on her lips, “darling, you and me for keeps.”

it’s the 5th time this week
she’s been a thousand miles from your arms
a face weeping on a computer screen

it’s the 10th time this week
she asks if this pain will ever end
you promise you’ll be there no matter where this leads

it’s 3am and she still can’t sleep
so she clings to the stuffed animal you gave her
to remind herself of the good things ahead
and how she’s never known a love so sweet.

a love so sweet.

~ ~ ~


your friendly neighborhood scatter-brained artist, sweet tea enthusiast, and dedicated Publix shopper.

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