Lion and a Mouse (a rewrite)


Did I ever tell you, my dear, that I’m both a lion and a mouse?

Some nights my heart is strong, and my confidence prevails. Not many have come and gone with a soul as fierce or certain. Nothing in this world can stop me when I choose to be brave.

But then the nights do come, they creep their way in, when I hide beneath the covers and cry out in fear. The shadows on the wall are enough to make me cower. My soul gasps for breath; and to even exist is victory enough.

I often wonder which one will be remembered: the fierce or the frail.

But let me tell you–right now while I am brave–with me it’s all the same. I have never been just one.

For as long as I have lived, I’ve been both a lion and a mouse.

~ ~ ~

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your friendly neighborhood scatter-brained artist, sweet tea enthusiast, and dedicated Publix shopper.

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